polo was considered as a brand with incomparable recognition in the global market, except the marvelous designer-ralph lauren. The most important reason is that brand offer the best of menswear, womenswear, childrenswear and home design. polo's design excellently works at the same step with its strict business strategies, and these two features together have made the company have the advantages to set the standard for the industry.
The polo ralph lauren Corporation (rl) has become one of the well-known fashion company and licensing houses all around world. Established by designer ralph lauren of United States in the late 1960s, the company opened many flagship stores and became the best seller in the 1980s. As ralph lauren's designs came to be combined with a sophisticated but simply and showed distinctly United Stated attitude or styles. The first products- wide ties were launched in initial stage of his business, but it soon designed and produced a complete set of menswear before manufacturing the more profitable women's fashion market as a designer and licenser.
By the 1980s, the name of polo ralph lauren helped sell a lot of products, including perfumes and accessories for men and women, clothing for young boys, girl and baby, and a variety of housewares, shirts, polos, coats, shoes, furs, jewelry, leather goods, hats, and eyewear. Menswear accounted for forty-two percent of 2003 sales of $2.44 billion. Womenswear was the next largest segment (twenty-five percent), followed by fragrances, accessories, children's, and home. Brands include polo, lauren, Chaps, and Club Monaco. The company licenses nearly three hundred manufacturers and one hundred retail outlets around the world. rl also runs two hundred and twenty-four of its own shops in the America.
So, the two of most important successful reason of ralph lauren that are the design and the quality control. Therefore, more and more people love it and buy them as daily life clothing.